Modern carpet design M03

What are the features of quality modern carpet! One of the most important factors in the beauty of the decoration of the room is the floor carpet of the room. In order to select the model and...

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Modern carpet design M03

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What are the features of quality modern carpet!

One of the most important factors in the beauty of the decoration of the room is the floor carpet of the room. In order to select the model and design, it should consider the issues such as the material and quality of the carpet, its lint-free, and the design of the carpet. The " Modern Carpet M03 design" is modeled on 40 patterns of handcrafted designs that have been simulated with a very beautifully painted carpet. Its extremely varied color spectrum has doubled the effect of the carpet and caused the number of colors used in the "Modern Carpet design M03" to be more than eight colors and make the beauty double. This design, which is considered as the new generation of carpet, is welcomed in luxurious and modern decorations, and gives a traditional and beautiful effect to the interior decoration. This product is most commonly used for bedroom, kitchen, living room, and corridors. This carpet is woven 700 shoulder and with a density of 2550. This is the carpet of 100% acrylic heatset in Bayer of Germany. its weft yarn is made of cotton rings and the roots of carpet is sewn to the two sides of the carpet after the texture like other classic carpets.

Quality modern carpet

Carpets manufactured by Toos Carpet Company have been of high quality due to use of 100% Acrylic yarn Beat Heat Set in Bayer Germany. This map is available in sizes of 6-meter, 9-meter and 12-meter machine carpet, rug, side and also Custom sizes to Dear customers. Customers can choose the right carpet for their home with regard to the decoration of home.

The design of Toos Mashhad carpets are a combination of modern carpets and traditional carpets inspired by designs of Persian handmade carpets or Iranian-inspired paintings, and are made up of spectacular drawings and color schemes.


Tips for storing modern carpet

Sometimes the machine carpet is located somewhere in the house, where direct sunlight shines on the carpet; this direct light in the long run will damage the carpet colors and also make the carpet fibers worse. Try not to put the carpet in a place where the sun's direct sunlight shines, or to prevent sunlight from falling into the carpet at a high temperature heat. The speed of loosening of some fibers when exposed to direct sunlight is more and they disappear sooner.




Safe purchase of modern carpet

Dear compatriots, by purchasing the Internet or in person from Toos Mashhad Carpet Co., made a safe purchase at the lowest price of 700 shoulder carpets and in fact do some kind of investment. The strategy of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company is a customer-oriented, and due to the high quality of its products and carving qualitative characteristics behind it, the company gives its customers the confidence that they will buy the carpet for many years, without any change in their home, and still maintain their beauty, durability, and glamour, and will fascinate the members of the home and guests.



From the sign of reliability and the high quality of the carpet in 001 design are the key features of the carpet behind the edge of the carpet that is woven by the machine. This feature provides the possibility of branding or offering high quality first-class carpets.


Easy to buy modern carpet

Toos Mashhad Carpet Company has provided facilities for dear countrymen to do online shopping through site and Toos Mashhad online shop. The company has set its pricing at the price of machine carpet and at a consumer price without any intermediary to your dear consumer. Shipping carpets is done by international post.

The terms of modern carpet

  • Machine carpet shoulder (width density): The width density or so called the carpet shoulder is the number of roots in one meter of the carpet width.
  • .Machine carpet length density: The length density is the number of roots per meter of carpet length.
  • Heat set: the process that after spanning the yarn by steam and temperature is stabilized and is causing more quality and softness of thread and also fluff of yarn is taken and convert to antiallergenic.
  • Pile yarn of Machine Rug: It is also said to be a yarn thread. A thread used in carpet weaving.
  • Weft yarn of machine carpet: is also called the warp yarn. The thread that is used in the carpet width and it will strengthen the carpet.
  • Warp yarn machine carpet: vertical threads that are used in weaving and making up the weft yarn and pile yarn.

For more information about machine carpets, see the news and articles page. Also, to test the carpet you want and see the decoration, go to the decoration test link.

  • reeds: 700
  • Density: 2550
  • The number of color: 8
  • The type of thread: 100% Acrylic Heat set Bayer Germany
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester, cotton
  • The type of weft yarn: Cotton Rings with the best quality
  • Quality: first- class
  • The height of pile yarn: 10±1
  • Washable: yes
  • Without pilling
  • anti allergy