This collection has been built on the evolution of time and social, economic, and cultural needs over more than half a century. In old times, with the absence of a mechanical systems, traditional carpet has woven with hand-made machines and woven with hand-crafted, and the founder of this collection began his economic activity from 1941, and with arrival to blessed land of Khorasan in Neyshabur and Kashmar and the surrounding villages, the Red Mountain, and especially in Dorod, provided and supplied the carpets to the customers according to their taste in the market, until the consumption culture began to change and machine-made carpet was replaced by hand-made carpet.

With the transfer of experiences of the elders to the next generation and the efforts of the company's managers and personnel, the art of hand and machine was combined and the production of the renowned Persian carpet began mechanically.

The valuable experience that the company's executives gained in handmade carpets for many years, with the introduction of weaving machines along with up-to-date technology and the use of the finest fibers, caused to produce the most quality machine-made carpet and we were able to produce and supply the best one in the market. The executives of this company are proud to be thinking about quality. The criteria of company is to support customers from first moment till the end.

Quality guide-lines:

In order to meet the customers 'requirements and gain their trust in the quality of the products, the Management of Toos Mashhad Company has set up a quality management system based on the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and has committed itself to executing it to satisfy customers' satisfaction.

Measurement indicators are defined for effective and key processes of the organization, and according to them, the quality management system is monitored.

The original core of the management policies and long-term goals in the field of company quality are defined as quality guidelines in order to maintain and to improve product quality and are as follow: 

  1. The customer is considered to be the dearest and the most important complementary member of the organization. Therefore, recognizing the needs of customers and achieving their complete satisfaction are one of the most important aspects of the company.
  2. The quality and standards defined in each contract represent the minimum quality level and we will always try to improve it continuously.
  3. Achieving minimum waste in production is one of the goals of the company's personnel.
  4. The continuous training of employees and the creation of a platform for the exchange of information and experience is considered as a guarantor of creativity and innovation, and its implementation in all processes are among the most important tasks.
  5. The suggestions of staff are considered as an opportunity for improvement in the organization.

The management representative is responsible for the good performance and effectiveness of the company's quality management system. In order to achieve a comprehensive quality, continuous improvement and the production of acceptable and profitable product for the company, all personnel employed in this company have trust and awareness to the above mentioned principles and they complete their activities based on the quality management system, skills and creativity.



Toos Mashhad productions

  1. 320 reeds carpets with 900 density, freeze and heat set, 8 colors
  2. 320 reeds carpets with 900 density, Iranian old designs, 8 colors
  3. 320 reeds carpets with 1200 density, with traditional maps, 8 colors
  4. 320 reeds carpets with 1300 density, puppet and fantasy.
  5. 320 reeds carpets with 960 density, mosque carpet with Fancy lint-free polyester
  6. 500 reeds carpet with 1000 density, 10 colors with traditional maps.
  7. 500 reeds carpet with 1200 density, especially for mosque.
  8. 700 reeds carpet, 8 colors, looks like handmade carpet HCP X2
  9. 700 reeds carpet, 8 colors, looks like handmade.
  10. 1000 reeds carpet, 10 colors, looks like handmade HCI




Awards and honors Toos Mashhad carpet:


  1. Equipped with the most advanced weaving machines in the world.
  2. 2- Holder of the national standard brand name with incentive number 634110292.
  3. Holder of the certificate of ISO 990:2008 from UKAS in England.
  4. Holder of the certificate of ISO 18001:2007 from UKAS in England.
  5.  Holder of the certificate of ISO 14001:2004 from UKAS in England.
  6. Holder of the certificate of 10002:2004 from UKAS in England.
  7. Holder of Research & Development certificate
  8. Holder of the certificate of quality management from Yukas
  9. Holder of the certificate of quality guarantee and originality of the goods
  10. Holder of Iranian commodity festival in 2015
  11. Holder of customer's satisfaction in 2015
  12. The best national manufaurer in 2011
  13. Sample unit of quality in 2911
  14. Standard sample unit in 2012
  15. Member of Iranian Textile Industry Association
  16. Use of the best raw material from Dralon of Germany.
  17. Having a well-equipped laboratory for testing the quality of raw materials and products
  18. Membership in union of  textile manufacturers and exporters of Iran
  19. Membership in the Center for Numbering of Iranian Goods and Services (affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce)
  20. Membership in GS1 system for export and supply of goods in chain stores
  21. carpet union membership
  22. Membership of the Chamber of Commerce
  23. Licensed by the Ministry of Industries and Mines
  24. Utilizing the facilities of expert designers
  25. -Use of facilities equipped with warping of cotton yarn and polyester
  26. Use of facilities equipped for spinning of polyester and cotton yarns from 20 to 50 scores.
  27. Use of facilities for spinning acrylic yarn with score of 12-18-27-33
  28. Use of facilities for sheering and starching
  29. An exporter to all over the world


Customer relationship management (CRM):

This unit is also developed with the help of the individuals and work of the subjects and with aim of providing various facilities to all audiences of the industry, including sellers and buyers.


In the behind of the carpet, a label is placed. On the label, you can find the specifications of carpet and Company Information.