In 1950 Mr. Haj Hassan Bakhtiari started producing original Persian hand-woven carpets in Mashhad. Since 40 years ago  Mr. Jafar Bakhtiari, with the demand of the market and with the help of trained personnel, launched to product the machine-made carpets & supply the beautiful collections of carpets in the markets with the brand “Toos Mashhad Carpet Co.”  with registration number 195768 in Iran and to neighbors countries.

Toos Carpets  knowing the needs of different markets, was able to gain a very good position among major buyers very soon.

Toos Carpets  has ISO 9001,18001,14001,10002 quality management certificate and standard certificate of origin 634110292N. with continuous communication with designers and buyers, it has been able to satisfy its customers by producing various carpets in different colors, designs, dimensions, materials and qualities required by different countries in the world. .

Toos Carpets  with 3,000,000 Sqm of production capacity and having 4 special stores in Tehran, the capital of Iran and branches in 38 cities of Iran, by producing carpets suitable for markets in 5 continents in the world, is still successful in exporting many types of carpets.

Toos Carpets  with a lot of experience and equipped with automatic computer machines with the latest technology in the world, high quality materials , 235 professional employees in sections : design, technical & production and finishing teams in a factory with an area of ​​35,000 m2 can certainly provide a lot of carpets for your market and your customers. We always offer you the best price guarantee.

At present, Toos Carpets, having a special representative outside Iran, is able to be in constant contact with you with faster and more explicit communications.