1000 reeds machine carpet density 3000 Pasand design code 1072

Introduction of 1000 reeds machine carpet, density 3000 in Toos Mashhad Pasand carpet is in the category of 1000-reeds carpets with 3000 density in Toos Mashhad carpet. It is woven with 100%...

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Introduction of 1000 reeds machine carpet, density 3000 in Toos Mashhad

Pasand carpet is in the category of 1000-reeds carpets with 3000 density in Toos Mashhad carpet. It is woven with 100% Acrylic yarn based on heatset Bayer Company in Germany (without lint and anti-allergy). 10 colors have been used to design this product. The quality of this machine carpet is the first class. Carpets that are woven with acrylic heatset yarns include the following features:
1_Acrylic carpets have a longer, durable life.
2 Acrylic carpets are very resistant to light stability, washing and abrasion.
3_Acrylic carpet has high heat resistance.
4_ Acrylic carpet retains its beautiful appearance for many years and has a high resistance to travel.
The material of its weft and warp yarns is made of cotton that has a delicate softness.
The exterior features of this design can be pointed out with elegance and fine texture.
This product is handmade and has a unique beauty.
Toos Mashhad Carpet Company is proud to offer its products online and through the site to your dear fellow countryman to enjoy the convenience of a leisurely purchase and deliver the purchased products free of charge at home.


A brief description on 1000 reeds machine carpet of Toos Mashhad

One of the obvious features of 1000 reeds carpet is fine texture which makes the carpet look like a handmade carpet, and it is called as a hand woven.

There are two terms in machine carpet: reeds and density.

reeds: The more the reeds of the carpet is, the carpet is tighter and more crowded, and is more similar to the carpet of the hand woven.

Density or so-called density of carpet: Carpets density depends on the amount of compression of the carpet. The higher the density, the more compression and vice versa. By increasing the density of the carpet, the weight and thickness of the carpet also rises. There are two types of density in the machine carpet: longitudinal density and transverse density

Longitudinal density: The number of roots per meter of carpet length

Transverse density: The number of roots per meter in width of the carpet.

Specifications and the fibers of 1000 reeds machine carpet in Toos Mashhad

The products of 1000 reeds machine carpet of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company, are weaved with a density of 3000,  that have a regular coloring and first grade materials, and to achieve this quality, the original devices HCIX2, from VAN DE Wiele company in Belgium are used. Machine carpet has features and specifications that must be observed in order to get a beautiful and nice shape and look. Raw material is such as pile yarn, weft yarn, warp yarn and carpet root.

The pile yarn of the carpet is the same colorful thread that is used for weaving the flowers and design. The best pile yarn is acrylic material from German Durallon or Bayer company, which is very delicate and desensitized and almost fluff-free. the pile yarn used in 1000 reedsmachine carpet  in Toos Mashhad is made up of 100%  heatset acrylic from Bayer Alvan  in Germany with over 10 colors and for weft yarn that is the same thread used in width carpet is made from 100% pure cotton ring for  weaving  in the carpet. The best kind of cotton is used.

The thread that is woven across the carpet is a warp yarn that is eighty percent polyester and twenty percent cotton.

The root of the carpet is separate from the carpet and is woven to the carpet after the texture.

 In 1000 reeds machine carpet of in Toos Mashhad, the roots of the silk design are used to make the beauty double. The design of 1000 reeds machine carpet in Toos Mashhad with the use of ten beautiful colors, and the use of new flowers and designs has provided has beautiful plans that add to the beauty of home decoration and furnishings.

 Yarn material and the first grade fibers used in the carpet of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company have provided features such as high softness and high folded strength for the carpet.

Complete specifications of all products of Toos Mashhad have been carved behind the carpet, so it is impossible to change and branding that sometimes is seen.

 Tips for Maintenance of 1000 reeds machine carpet

 Sometimes the carpet is located somewhere in the house, where direct sunlight shines on the carpet; this direct light in the long run will damage the carpet colors and also wear out the carpet fibers. Try not to put the carpet in a place where the sun's direct sunlight shines, or to prevent sunlight from falling into the carpet at a high temperature heat. The speed of loosening of some fibers when exposed to direct sunlight is more and they wear out sooner.

Preferably avoid placing heavy objects on the carpet for a long time.

It is suggested that you read the articles in the section of news and articles on the site, in order to maintain and clean the carpet, including read articles about: how to wash a machine carpet at home?

Match your own carpet with home decoration before you buy!!!!

 Toos Mashhad carpet, in line with the realization of the important customer-oriented, provides special services to its customers, including the fact that dear customers can match the carpet with home decoration for a more precise selection and better purchase, before buying a carpet. They can refer to Decoration test page foe matching carpet with home decoration.


  • reeds: 1000
  • Density: 3000
  • The number of color: 10
  • The type of thread: 100% Acrylic Heat set Bayer Germany
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester, cotton
  • The type of weft yarn: Cotton Rings with the best quality
  • Quality: first- class
  • The height of pile yarn: 8±1
  • Washable: yes
  • Without pilling
  • anti allergy