Crystal Shaggy Carpet"

Shuma and design of shaggy carpet "Shaggy Crystal Carpet" is a product of Shaggy Carpet of Toos Mashhad Company. This design is part of a traditional and classical design that has many...

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Shuma and design of shaggy carpet

"Shaggy Crystal Carpet" is a product of Shaggy Carpet of Toos Mashhad Company. This design is part of a traditional and classical design that has many audiences and a wide range of people like it. The scheme above is a simple plan. The inside of the layout is smooth and has a shade of light that has a special appeal to the carpet. This map is usually recommended for the living room.

Introduction about Shaggy Carpet

Shaggy in English means "long hair" or "hairy" or and we called fantasy carpet with long fluff as shaggy carpet. Shaggy and shanel carpets are beautiful and flimsy, and they have not very long life due to their long piles, and also their washing is difficult. For this reason, it is usually used in places where traveling is less. Shaggy carpet is very pleasing to the person due to its high piles and high softness under the feet, and the person feels comfortable when standing on a carpet (tva). The Products of Toos Mashhad Company in the field of Shaggy and shanel Carpets because of the very beautiful color and variety and good quality in different places such as the decoration of homes and offices are widely used.

Because of its softness and a little travel, shaggy carpet is usually used in the bedroom  and it is better not to use this carpet in the kitchen and the baby's room because dust and food and ...  insert inside and outside of long piles and because it is not easy to clean, It may cause allergies and other diseases.

Shanel carpet has shorter pile than shaggy carpet, and it is like a floral and is very soft, delicate and beautiful.

 Shaggy and shanel carpets are usually lightweight.

Shaggy carpet fibers

The fibers used in Shaggy carpets are acrylic, propylene, polyester, wool and so on. In the texture of this type of carpet, a piece of yarn (pile yarn) is used. The size of the pile in shanel and shaggy carpets is typically 10 mm, which is three to four times as large as a shaggy carpet.

Safe Shopping shaggy Carpets and Fantasy Carpets from Toos Mashhad

Dear customers, by purchasing the product on the Internet or in person from the Toos Mashhad Company, can make a safe purchase and in fact do some kind of investment. The strategy of Toos Mashhad Co. is a customer-oriented, and because of its high quality products and carving qualitative characteristics behind the fantasy carpet, it assures its customers that the carpet  that they buy is self-evident for many years without any changes in their home. It also maintains its beauty, durability and glamour and charms the members of the home and guests.

The signs of high quality and reliability of the machine made carpet in Toos Mashhad carpet company are the presence of important features of the carpet behind the edge of the carpet, which is woven by the machine. This feature provides the possibility of branding or offering high quality first-class carpets.

Easy shopping of Shaggy carpets

The goal of Toos Mashhad Online Store is to provide services to customers. In order to make it easy to buy, this company has facilities for your online shopping, including direct and with no dealer purchases and online payments from the company. Before shipping the carpets, we check the products in the area of quality for not having any defects.

The convenience of Toos Mashhad online store for you as a buyer is shipping through international post.

Purchasing original shaggy carpet

There is a standard label on the back of machine made carpet that includes the company's name: Toos Mashhad carpet, special logo of company and specifications such as used fiber in the carpet, longitudinal and transversal density of the shaggy carpet, the number of used color in machine carpet, standard mark.

Also, the name of Toos Mashhad Company in the behind of the carpet on the margin of the carpet is woven and the next remarkable point is that the name and logo of the Toos carpet is carved around the carpet that is leather embroidered.

And all of this is done in order to make it possible to brand and provide quality first class carpets so that our dear customers can experience an enjoyable shopping from Toos Mashhad online store.

Tips for maintenance Shaggy fantasy carpet

You can use a carpet shampoo to clean the surface of the fancy carpet. carpet Shampoos are available on the market that have the standard sign are suitable for surface cleaning of the fantasy carpet.

In the event of stain on the surface or contamination on the surface of the fantasy carpet, before using the carpet shampoo, first clean the area with particles on the fantasy carpet using a vacuum cleaner, then, depending on the amount of stain or dimensions of your carpet, pour the carpet shampoo in a container and mix it with a little warm water. Stir it so much to make foam, then place the foam on the fantasy carpet or on the stain of carpet and, as far as possible, move the sponge containing the foam, in different directions on the foam of fantasy carpet so that the stain completely is removed.

To prevent the release of contamination or spots of fantasy carpet, each time clean the sponge with water or replace the sponge if necessary, so that the stain or contamination absorbed on the surface of the sponge is not released to the entire carpet. after cleaning the stains on the surface of the fantasy carpet, certainly place the carpet in direct air or even put it to the closest place where the air flows there, so that to dry the moisture that penetrates to the fantasy carpet fibers as soon as possible. Remaining moisture in the carpet causes the decay of fantasy carpet fibers.

If you started to remove a stain on fantasy carpet, but it was not clean or the stain was so deep that it penetrated the depths of the carpet, and then transfers the carpet to the carpet cleaning that has official certification.

Avoid transferring the fantasy carpets to carpets cleaning that use bleaching detergents when washing carpets.

Machine made carpet terms

Machine carpet reed (width density): The width density or so called the carpet reed is the number of roots in one meter of the carpet width.

 Machine made carpet length density: The length density is the number of roots per meter of carpet length.

Heat set: the process that after spanning the yarn by steam and temperature is stabilized and is causing more quality and softness of thread and also fluff of yarn is taken and convert to antiallergenic.

Pile yarn of Machine made carpet: It is also said to be a yarn thread. A thread used in carpet weaving.

Weft yarn of machine made carpet: is also called the warp yarn. The thread that is used in the  carpet width and it will strengthen the carpet.

Warp yarn machine made carpet: vertical threads that are used in weaving and making up the weft yarn and pile yarn.

More information on the machine made carpet, shaggy carpet, and fantasy carpet

For more information on various aspects of machine made carpet, you can go to the newsletter and articles page to get a better look and feel, and get a lot of useful knowledge by reading the articles on the page. Like the following article:

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  • reeds: 400
  • Density: 950
  • The number of color: 3
  • The type of thread: polyester
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester, cotton
  • Quality: first- class
  • The height of pile yarn: 6±1
  • Washable: yes