Shiny Shanel carpet Ch 215

General design of Shanel and shaggy carpet  Shiny Shanel carpet, "Ch 215" code is a product of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company. This design is very classic and new and has a special...

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Shiny Shanel carpet Ch 215

General design of Shanel and shaggy carpet

 Shiny Shanel carpet, "Ch 215" code is a product of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company. This design is very classic and new and has a special color and style. The interior design of the carpet is filled with beautiful, diverse and colorful candlesticks that are arranged in a special order. This design has no fringes and the range of candles up to the edges of the carpet, and this feature has a fascinating and unique beauty to carpet. This design and map is suitable for all age groups and is used in many spaces. It is suggested that this map be used for the bedroom, living room and the teenage room.

A brief description of Shanel and shaggy carpet

Shaggy in English means hairy or long hair and it's called fluff fantasy carpet. These carpets are beautiful and hairy, and because of their long piles, they do not have much longevity, and it is difficult to wash them. For this reason, it is usually used in places where trafficking is less. Shaggy carpet is very pleasant to the person due to its long fluff and much softness under the feet and the person feels comfortable when standing on a carpet.  the products of Shanel and shaggy Carpets in Toos Mashhad Carpet Company have a lot of uses in different places such as the decoration of home and office due to its beautiful color and diversity and good quality . Because of the high softness and little traffic,, shaggy carpet is usually used in bedroom, and it is better not to use in the kitchen and the baby's room, because dust and food and ...  go inside of its long fluffs and, as it is not easy to clean, it can cause allergies and other diseases.


  Shanel carpet has shorter fluffs than shaggy carpet and it is like a floral and is very soft and delicate and beautiful.

Shanel and shaggy carpets are usually lightweight.


Shanel and shaggy carpet fibers

The fibers used in Shanel and shaggy carpet are acrylic, proline, polyester, wool and so on. In the texture of this type of carpet, the pile yarn (yarn piece) is used. The size of pile in a machine made carpet is usually 10 mm, which this size is three to four times in shaggy carpet.

Easy shopping of Shanel and Shaggy carpets

Toos Mashhad Carpet is a leading provider of quality carpet production in Iran's machine made carpet market. The company is trying to provide its products through online and internet to its customers, and in order to facilitate the purchase process, this company sends carpets from the factory by international post. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Shanel and shaggy carpet terms

Machine made carpet reed (width density): The width density or so called the carpet reed is the number of roots in one meter of the carpet width.

 machine made carpet length density: The length density is the number of roots per meter of carpet length.

Heat set: the process that after spanning the yarn by steam and temperature is stabilized and is causing more quality and softness of thread and also fluff of yarn is taken and convert to antiallergenic.

Pile yarn of Machine made carpet: It is also said to be a yarn thread. A thread used in carpet weaving.

Weft yarn of machine made carpet: is also called the warp yarn. The thread that is used in the carpet width and it will strengthen the carpet.

Warp yarn machine made carpet: vertical threads that are used in weaving and making up the weft yarn and pile yarn.


   Tips for Maintenance of Shanel and shaggy carpet

 Sometimes the carpet is located somewhere in the house, where direct sunlight shines on the carpet; this direct light  will damage the carpet colors in the long run and also wear out the carpet fibers. Try not to put the carpet in a place where the sun's direct sunlight shines, or to prevent sunlight from falling into the carpet at a high temperature heat. The speed of loosening of some fibers when exposed to direct sunlight is more and they wear out sooner.

 Safe purchase of Shanel and shaggy Carpets from Toos Mashhad Company

  Dear customers can have a safe purchase by buying a carpet online or in person from Toos Mashhad carpet company and in fact they make a kind of investment. The strategy of Toos Mashhad carpet company, is a customer-oriented, and due to its high quality products and carving quality features  behind the carpet, It assures  customers that they buy the carpet for many years without any changes at their home, while maintaining their beauty, durability and glamour, and charming members of the home and guests.

From the Signs of reliability and high quality of carpet in Toos Mashhad Company are the key features of the carpet behind the edge of the carpet that is woven by the machine. This feature provides the possibility of branding or providing first-class quality carpets.

 Decoration Test

if you want to have a better look for choosing a suitable carpet, you can see different decoration with different carpets and to test your carpet, so you can get a good choice and get an overview of your living space before buying a carpet, so you can refer to the decoration test page and see various carpets with various decorations.

Also, for more information on various aspects of carpet, you can go to the news page and get a very useful knowledge.


  • reeds: 400
  • Density: 950
  • The number of color: 8
  • The type of thread: polyester
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester, cotton
  • The type of weft yarn: shanel
  • Quality: first- class
  • The height of pile yarn: 6±1
  • Washable: yes