Ronika Shanel carpet code 6053

The map and the design of Toos Mashhad Shanel carpet "Ronika Shanel carpet, code 6053", is a product of Shanel carpet in Toos Mashhad Company. This design is a part of traditional...

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The map and the design of Toos Mashhad Shanel carpet

"Ronika Shanel carpet, code 6053", is a product of Shanel carpet in Toos Mashhad Company. This design is a part of traditional designs and is similar to old and Islamic designs, and it is tasty and friendly to many people. The inside of the design is filled with large, colorful flowers, and the big flowers are asymmetrical on the surface of the carpet, which has given a special beauty to the carpet. The above map is usually recommended for the living room.

Presentation of Toos Mashhad Shanel carpet

Shaggy in English means hairy or long hair and it's called fluff fantasy carpet. These carpets are beautiful and hairy, and because of their long piles, they do not have much longevity, and it is difficult to wash them. For this reason, it is usually used in places where trafficking is less. Shaggy carpet is very pleasant to the person due to its long fluff and much softness under the feet and the person feels comfortable when standing on a carpet.  The products of Shanel and shaggy Carpets of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company   have a lot of uses in different places such as the decoration of home and office due to its beautiful color and diversity and good quality. Because of the high softness and little traffic,, shaggy carpet is usually used in bedroom, and it is better not to use in the kitchen and the baby's room, because dust and food and ...  go inside of its long fluffs and, as it is not easy to clean, it can cause allergies and other diseases.  

Shanel carpet has shorter fluffs than shaggy carpet, and it is like a floral and is very soft and delicate and beautiful.

Shanel and shaggy carpets are usually lightweight.

 The fibers of Toos Mashhad Shanel carpet

The fibers used in Shanel carpet are acrylic, proline, polyester, wool and so on. In the texture of this type of carpet, the pile yarn (yarn piece) is used. The size of pile in Shanel and shaggy carpet is usually 10 mm, which this size is three to four times in shaggy carpet.

Easy shopping 

Toos Mashhad carpet company., by providing its products on the website and the  online store, makes shopping easy for the dear buyers and after purchase, the product is delivered by the company  by international post. Toos Mashhad Carpet Company provides facilities for our buyers to buy carpets through online store of this company and to do online shopping.

  Machine made carpet terms

Machine made carpet reed (width density): The width density or so called the carpet reed is the number of roots in one meter of the carpet width.

 Machine made carpet length density: The length density is the number of roots per meter of carpet length.

Heat set: the process that after spanning the yarn by steam and temperature is stabilized and is causing more quality and softness of thread and also fluff of yarn is taken and convert to antiallergenic.

Pile yarn of Machine made carpet: It is also said to be a yarn thread. A thread used in carpet weaving.

Weft yarn of machine carpet: is also called the warp yarn. The thread that is used in the carpet width and it will strengthen the carpet.

Warp yarn machine carpet: vertical threads that are used in weaving and making up the weft yarn and pile yarn.

Tips for storing fantasy Shaggy carpet

You can use a carpet shampoo to clean the surface of the fancy carpet. carpet Shampoos that are available on the market, have the standard mark and are suitable for surface cleaning of the fantasy carpet.

In the event of the formation of surface spots or contamination on the surface of the fantasy carpet, before using the carpet shampoo, first clean the area from particles on the fantasy carpet by using a vacuum cleaner, then, depending on the amount of stain or dimensions of your carpet, pour carpet shampoo in a container and mix it with a little lukewarm water to make foam. Bend it to the floor, then lay the foam on the fantasy carpet or on the stain on the carpet and, as far as possible, move the sponge containing the foam in different directions onto the fantasy carpet so that the stain is completely removed.

To prevent the release of contamination or spots of fantasy carpet, each time clean sponge with water and re-use it or replace the sponge if necessary, so that the stain or contamination absorbed on the surface of the sponge is not released to the entire carpet.

After cleaning stain from the surface of fantasy carpet, place the carpet in direct air, or even close to the closest place where the air flows there, so that the moisture that penetrates to the fantasy carpet fibers, it dries as soon as possible. Remaining moisture in the carpet causes the decay of fantasy carpet fibers.

If you started to remove stain on the fantasy carpet, but it was not clean or the stain was so deep that it penetrated to the depths of the carpet, then move the carpet to the carpet cleaning that has official certification.

Avoid of moving fantasy carpet to the carpet cleaning that use a bleaching detergent in carpet washing.

Buying Quality Shanel carpet from Toos Mashhad Online Store

There is a standard label on the back of the machine carpet that includes the company's name:  Toos Mashhad carpet, company logo and specifications such as carpet fiber, longitudinal and transversal density of the carpet, the number of machine made carpet colors, standard mark and. .. . Also, behind the carpet on the margin of the carpet is the name of Toos Mashhad Company is weaved, and the next remarkable point is that around the carpet that is leathered, the name and logo of the Toos carpet are carved. And all of this is done in order to make it possible to brand and provide quality first class carpets so that our dear customer can easily enjoy the shopping experience in Toos Mashhad online store.

Safe purchase of Shanel and fantasy Carpets

  Dear customers can have a safe purchase by buying a carpet online or in person from Toos Mashhad carpet company and in fact they make a kind of investment. The strategy of Toos Mashhad carpet company, is a customer-oriented, and due to its high quality products and carving quality features  behind the carpet, It assures  customers that they buy the carpet for many years without any changes at their home, while maintaining their beauty, durability and glamour, and charming members of the home and guests.

From the Signs of reliability and high quality of carpet in Toos Mashhad Company are the key features of the carpet behind the edge of the carpet that is woven by the machine. This feature provides the possibility of branding or providing first-class quality carpets.

More knowledge about machine made carpet, fantasy carpet and Shanel carpet

for  getting more information on various aspects of machine carpet, and in order to have better purchase and look, you can go to the news and articles page to get a great deal of useful knowledge.

Mashhad Machine Carpet testing with Home and office Decoration

Dear readers can refer to the decoration test page for different carpets with different decorations to find a comparison between carpets and decorations and have a better view on choosing the appropriate carpet.


  • reeds: 400
  • Density: 950
  • The number of color: 4
  • The type of thread: polyester
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester, cotton
  • Quality: first- class
  • The height of pile yarn: 6±1
  • Washable: yes