Toos Mashhad leather and skin rug, code 20
leather and skin rugs, code 20

leather and skin rugs, code 20

An introduction of Toos Mashhad leather and skin rugs Leather and skin rug, code 20, is one of the Toos Mashhad leather and skin products. This carpet is an invaluable artefact. Different small...

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An introduction of Toos Mashhad leather and skin rugs

Leather and skin rug, code 20, is one of the Toos Mashhad leather and skin products. This carpet is an invaluable artefact. Different small peices of leather have been beautifully attached together by hand and made an appealing hexagon rug with an 80 centimeters diameter . This carpet is truly astonishing and of top quality with a classic pattern.   

What is a leather rug?

Leather is a luxurious product which have been used in different fields and had numerous usages since bygone times. This material have been used in many ways, from to be written on, to being used for clothing, bags, shoes and flooring.

Leather and skin rugs are amongst modern carpets which are made of animals` skins. These rugs have an outstanding beauty and are used for flooring, mats, rugs, runners and wall panels. A special linen is used for the back of the leather rugs which is attached to them by Italian wax threads. This process is done by some special sewing machines which gives great permanence to leather rugs.  

Leather and skin rugs are mostly handmade. In other words, these rugs are considered as artefacts and are precious and expensive.

Iranian leather is amongst the premium leathers from which luxurious and charming rugs can be made of. Leather rugs are mostly used for decorations. For instance, they can be used for flooring low-traffic areas, can be hung on the wall or put on the sofas` corners for decoration.  

Leather rugs are made of Millennium, Milling, ostrich and elegant cow leathers. Since these carpets are made of strong carcasses, they are really durable. The tanning process is completely natural and anti-bacterial. Skin carpets are not much large and are sized at most 6 meters or at the same shape of animal skin.                              


 The advantages of leather and skin rugs

1- Leather and skin rugs are totally natural and will never harm their surroundings. These carpets are beneficial to humans` body.

2- Leather carpets can trap heat inside due to their unique features and instill a good feeling while walking on them. So they are quite suitable for cold floors like stone and seramic.

3- Leather and skin rugs are really soft and comfortable. Walking on them is extremely enjoyable and it has some physiologically beneficial impacts on our body.



 Why should we be wary at the time of leather and skin rugs purchase?

Since there are variety of leathers available in the market including genuine and faux leathers, you should pay close attention in order not to buy synthetic rugs instead of the real ones. One way to prevent such a thing from happening is to purchase liable known brands. Comparing to genuine leathers, fake leathers have poorer quality and are consequently cheaper. Furthermore, real leathers are much more beautiful than faux ones.


 Original leather rug recognition

Real leathers have great resistance to heat and once they are exposed to flame, they char a little. Whats more, genuine leathers are suede inside while synthetic leathers have an even lace-ish back.



 Leather rugs` care


Since leather and skin carpets are considered as luxurious and valuable goods in a house, they need to be properly taken care of. Follow the following steps to do so:

1- Do not lay them in high-traffic areas because it reduces its thickness and makes it thinner.

2- Do not lay them in or near moist and humid places because it brings serious harms to them in the long run and diminishes their longevity.

 3- Do not lay them under direct sunlight because it makes them peel and become dry and fragile, so they lose their beauty after a while.

4- Clean them on a weekly basis.

5- Shake them out once in a while to get the dust and fluffs out.

6- Brush them from time to time. Use a soft moist brush and scrub them gently to keep their texture even.

7- If the rugs are made of genuine leathers, they should be cleaned and taken care of properly when needed. Otherwise, bacteria and microbes will grow in the carpets and destroy them overtime.