cheap 700 reeds carpet code 6010

A brief introduction of cheap 700 reeds Toos mashhad carpet "Cheap 700 reeds carpet code 6010" is one of the cheap 700 reeds carpet of Toos Mashhad factories. This pattern`s view is...

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cheap 700 reeds carpet code 6010, Toos Mashhad

cheap 700 reeds carpet code 6010

A brief introduction of cheap 700 reeds Toos mashhad carpet

"Cheap 700 reeds carpet code 6010" is one of the cheap 700 reeds carpet of Toos Mashhad factories. This pattern`s view is super beautiful, luxury and new. The adytum and bergamot of this pattern have been placed well next to each other. The adytum in this pattern has Spread into the margins, and has given an magnificent look to the carpet.



Cheap and 700 reeds carpet, a suitable choice and of high quality for Iranian houses

Cheap and 700 reeds carpets  are among the most popular type of machine made carpets. This type of carpet has high reeds and density and is also superfine, smooth, delicate and suitable for luxurious places like living rooms and guest rooms. On the other hand it is not suitable for high-traffic areas where it is prone to wear, footsteps, pressure, and pollution.

Compared with other higher reed carpets, Cheap and 700 reeds carpets are thicker, so they have good resistance to pressure, footmarks, and pollution. Furthermore, they are durable, delicate and beautiful. Above all, these carpets have more reasonable price once compared to higher reed  carpets and therefore suitable for bedrooms, kitchen, and even guest rooms. All the aforementioned features have made these carpets popular, and impressed the costumers. Cheap and 700 reeds carpets are a symbol of cheap and of high quality carpets. These carpets have a fair price notwithstanding their quality in our online shop because they are delivered to costumers directly.


The purchase of cheap 700 reeds high quality carpets

Buyers tend to purchase and choose their carpets directly from the factory. Because it keeps profiteers and retailers out and provides costumers with a safe purchase. Costumers are content with their purchase once they can buy cheap 700 reeds carpets of high quality.

The first step to the purchase of the cheap 700 reeds carpets is to go to the manufacturer directly like supplying water from the spring. Buying carpets from the stores in the city or virtual shops which are not the manufacturer and are more of brokers is not worth it at all, costs more money for the costumer, and they can`t purchase cheap 700 reeds carpets.  

An intelligent buyer can select the right purchase way by directly buying from the factory. To do this you can go to the factory or preferably purchase from our online shop which provides you with a direct contact to our experts and sales managers to get free consultation.

Costumers can also enjoy free consultation, decoration test, free domestic shipping, at the door payment, and return guarantee (in case of any faults or damges) by shopping online.

A safe online purchase from Toos carpet company

Buyers can experience a suitable and high quality purchase buy shopping from our online website because it doesn`t bear any costs or extra time for their physical presence in shops or factories. This purchase is safe only if costumers buy valid brands.


Free domestic shipping of Toos mashhad carpets

One of the facilities that our online shop presents to our dear costumers is free domestic shipping and at the door payment. The shipping is done throughout Iran of no cost and you can get your carpet at the door without spending money or much time.

Toos mashhad carpet is a pioneer in supplying and manufacturing top quality machine made carpets. This company seeks to provide its products online and to make the purchase process easier, the carpet is directly sent from the factory to the costumers without any charges. Our goal is costumers` satisfaction in their carpet purchase. The shipping is done throughout Iran of no cost and all the Toos carpets` sales are done in our website and online shop for costumers` comfort and carefree purchase. This complex seeks to provide a memorable purchase for you.


Experience easy carpet purchase from Toos Mashhad carpet

The goal of our online shop is providing our costumes with service. This company has considered some facilities for you to experience an easy purchase including, direct purchase, and at the door payment.

Return guarantee of the purchased good

For your peace of mind when shopping from our online shop, we have considered a 48 hour return guarantee so that in case of any faults in the carpet, even by sending a photo of the carpets` faults to our sales experts and the damage identification, the exchanged carpet would be sent to you immediately or you can get a refund.

original carpet purchase from Toos mashhad company

There is a label attached in the back of the carpet which includes some information such as  the name of the manufacturing company, the company`s specific logo, the pattern`s name, the pattern`s code, the carpets` technical characteristics like the material of the fiber being used in the carpet, linear and lateral density, the number of colors, and the standard sign.

Dear compatriots can make an investment by purchasing their carpets from either our online shop or factory. In fact Toos carpet`s strategy is costumer orientation and due to its top quality products and attaching the qualitative characteristics in the back of the carpet, we do assure our costumers that their purchased product will last for long, remain intact, delicat and beutiful, and fascinate house members and guests.

The attached label in the back of the carpet is one of the Toos carpet`s assurance signs and high quality which provides the possibility of branding or top quality carpet supplying.



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decoration test





density: 2100

the number of colors: 8

the type of thread: Iranian

the type of wrap yarn: Polyester and cotton

the type of weft yarn: top quality ring cotton

quality: first-class

The hight of pile yarn: 10 ± 1

washable: yes