CFE 2023 Tuyap Carpet and Flooring Exhibition: Uniting the Global Carpet Industry in Istanbul

CFE Tuyap Carpet Exhibition in Istanbul is one of the largest and most reputable carpet industry exhibitions in the world. This exhibition is held annually and attracts a large number of visitors and participants from around the world.

One of the unique features of the CFE Tuyap exhibition is the presence of over 500 top carpet companies from around the world. These companies include large carpet manufacturers, exporters, and traders who showcase their products. Additionally, a large number of professional visitors from carpet shops, interior designers, architects, and carpet enthusiasts attend this exhibition.

CFE Tuyap is not only an excellent opportunity for global carpet companies to showcase their products but also recognized as a bridge between carpet producers and buyers on a global scale. This exhibition provides an opportunity for traders and buyers to connect with major carpet companies and conduct buying and selling contracts.

Furthermore, CFE Tuyap provides an excellent space for companies to display new carpet designs. This exhibition is a suitable platform for introducing creative and innovative designs that allow carpet manufacturers to receive direct feedback from customers and improve their products.

The number of visitors to this exhibition is increasing every year and has reached over 10,000 in recent years. This number includes carpet traders, buyers, exporters, manufacturers, interior designers, and carpet enthusiasts.

Therefore, CFE Tuyap Carpet Exhibition in Istanbul is a very important and reputable event in the carpet industry. By attracting large companies and professional visitors, it is recognized as a bridge and excellent opportunity for the development of the carpet industry on a global scale.

This exhibition is going to be held on 5-8 December 2023