5 Reason you should buy a Persian Carpet


Every day more and more people are replacing their hard flooring and shaggy carpets with Persian carpets and rugs. And it sure has many reasons. 

Shaggy carpets have been popular in the last decade but they are loosing facing because of their short life span and difficulty of cleaning, vacumming and washing.  

Hard flooring are very uncomfortable to walk and sit on, harder to clean and maintain and also top quality models can cost you even more than a Persian carpet. 

If you are still using hard floorings or shaggy carpets, we gathered some of the reasons to prove that you need to replace them with a Persian rug! 

1. Style.

Persian carpets are artistic. They are pices of art which are evoluated based on thousands years of desgining of carpets by Iranians.  They are available in millions of desgins, modern to old fashion, simple to complex. The look that hard flooring give your home, is not at all comparable to the look your home gets with a Persian carpet. 


2. Comfort. 

Persian carpets are soft and feel great to walk on. It feels great to lie down on it and watch TV. Your kids feel great to sit on them and play. And if they fall on them, you can be sure they are going to be totally fine, and it's not just about your kids. There's a high possiblity that even if you drop your glass on the carpet it won't break. 

3. Warmth

If your house doesn't have underfloor heating, you have nothing to worry about. You can keep your floor warm with a Persian carpet. Most of the houses suffer from the problem of stone cold floors, which can easily be fixed with a Persian rug. And also it will prevent the heatloss in almost every house and it's not just a claim, reasearchers has proven it.

4. Health

It was thought that Persian carpets cause allergies, but recent studies has shown hard flooring are much worse in this case and there are no evidence of Persian rugs causing allergies. Maybe some cheaper models can, but generally the yarn used in the Persian carpets are of much higher quality in comparison to hard flooring and are much less harmful. 

5. Peace! 

With Persian carpets, you will live in peace. Your kids running all over the house will not awaken you from sleep because footsteps are totally inaudible and silent on the Persian carpets. 

5. Easier to maintain 

As it was mentioned earlier, Persian carpets are very easy to maintain, wash, vaccum and move. You don't have to worry if your kids spill something on the carpet because you can easily clean it using a  carpet cleaner without worrying about the color of the carpet to be faded.  Colors in persian carpets are much more durable.