5  Things to consider if you want your carpet to last longer

Finding and buying your desirable carpet is not the final step. You spend a long time finding it and you don't want to lose it too soon. Now you have to do whatever you can do to extend the life span of your carpet. But what can we do to extend the life span of our carpet and keep it looking the way it looked when we bought it. in this article we collected five important points you should consider if you want your carpet to last longer. 

1. Buy carpets with piles of higher quality

First of all, if you want a lasting carpet, you should buy a lasting one. Cheap carpets won't last long, whatever you do they will go flat and lose their looks. You may think you don't have enough budget to buy carpets of higher quality, but don't be fooled. Buying cheap carpets won't save you any dollar bill. quite the contrary, you have to change them quickly and it will end up even more expensive. Carpets with polyester yarns last up to two years whether carpets with Acrylic yarns can last up to ten years. Polyester carpets go flat at least 3 times sooner. Acrylic yarns maintain their colors when exposed to direct sunlight or when being washed. whereas cheap carpets don't and they will lose their looks even long before they go flat. So if you want your carpet to last, buying a carpet with high-quality piles is the first thing you should consider. 

2. Wash it and keep it clean

Keeping your carpet clean is an important part of maintaining it. Dirt does more than you may think. You might think a tiny thing on your rug can't do any bad, but it's not true. Extra objects on your rug or in your rug can lower the life span of your carpet. And also you may think you don't care if your carpet is not clean it won't do any harm. but it does actually. Bacteria activity harms your carpet and lowers the life span. So washing it regularly keeps it healthy and is a must, at least twice a year. 

Another important thing you must consider is cleaning stains. Stains are much easier to clean if you do it fast. Leaving stain for a period of time not only makes it much harder to clean but also lowers the life span of your carpet. So whenever you drop any liquid or food or such on your carpet, be careful to clean it on the spot. Don't put it off to another time if you want your carpet to last longer. 

3. Keep the shoes out of your house! 

Shoes and slippers harm the carpet. It not only causes your carpet to go flat sooner but also it contains a huge amount of bacteria on it. So when you walk on your carpet with your shoes or slippers, you are transferring millions of bacteria to your carpet which as was mentioned, will harm your carpet so you will have to wash it much sooner. You should consider that washing your carpet more than four times a year might also harm your carpet so the best thing to do is to keep the shoes out of the house! It is healthier for your carpet and also for you! 

4. Keep the furniture away: 

Furniture is heavy, especially when you sit on them! Do you want your carpet to last? keep the furniture away from it! Rearrange your home in a way that furniture doesn't put any pressure on the carpet. If you are living in a small apartment you have two options. Firstly you can buy a smaller carpet. Your second option is the furniture leg boots. These boots spread the pressure under your furniture so that it is not focused on a small area on the carpet and can prevent damage to the carpet. 

5. Draw the curtains!
We said previously that Acrylic carpets are durable when it comes to being exposed to direct sunlight. But having that said, we didn't mean to let it be under direct sunlight every day. Just like a waterproof smartphone is not made for swimmers to be used under the pool all the time! Sunlight has a lot of rays that are not only harmful to us but also harmful to our carpets. So if you want your carpet to last longer, keep the curtains shut!