Which Kind of Persian Carpet is better Highbulk or plain?

Are you hesitating between buying a highbulk Persian carpet or a plain one? Before making the right decision, you need to know more about these two types of carpets.


What is a HighBulk carpet exactly? 

In the machine-made carpet industry, eight colors of thread are usually used to weave carpets. In the production of embossed carpets, one or more of these eight colors are used from highbalk yarn. This type of thread is heated in the finishing process after carpet weaving and becomes one to two millimeters shorter than other carpet threads. Usually, in the design of the embossed machine-made carpet, the background color is chosen from highbulk yarn, so as a result, after weaving and completing the carpet, the height of the flowers of the carpet will be higher than the piles of the background, therefore, the flowers will look embossed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a highbulk carpet?

Embossed carpets (Highbalk) look more beautiful and elegant than plain carpets because their flowers will be seen more transparently and will have a more beautiful appearance due to the slight prominence of the background. But due to the decrease in the height of the carpet in the background color, these types of carpets will be slightly less soft than plain carpets.

In the past, carpets with raised flowers caused problems due to excessive prominence. For example, it was difficult to sweep and clean, so people lost interest in buying them very soon. but today, this difference in pile height is so little, and with the high density of the carpet in 1200 reeds and 1500 reeds carpets, You will have no problem sweeping these carpets and this is no longer considered as a drawback.



What is a plain carpet? And what are the advantages of a plain carpet?

In the weaving process of plain carpets, no highbulk thread is used, and as a result, the height of the carpet is the same in every parts of the carpet. These carpets will look less beautiful in comparison to highbulk carpets, but instead, they will have higher pile height and better softness. when you sit on these carpets, a better feeling will be conveyed to you.

Conclusion: should we buy a carpet with a plain carpet or a highbulk carpet?

None of these two types can be considered superior to the other because the answer is different according to the different use of people. If you are one of those people who mostly sit on the sofa and watch TV and lie down on the mattress and bed, highbulk carpets will definitely be a more suitable option for you because these carpets are more beautiful and will make your home look more classy.

But if you are one of those people who mostly sit on the carpet and lie down on it to watch TV, plain carpets will give you a better feeling because of the higher pile height.