what is the reason of 1000 reeds carpets` popularity

Things to know about 1000 reeds carpets

Carpets are among the most significant furniture in any house, particularly in Iranian houses and play an important role in embellishing the house decoration. According to the interior design principles, carpets are of much importance in house decoration. There are so many options based on which you can choose a carpet. Handwoven and machine-made carpets like 500, 700, 1000, 1200, and 1500 reeds carpets are  some of the examples. This article addresses 1000 reeds carpets in particular.     


What is a 1000 reeds carpet?

1000 reeds carpets have strongly emerged machine-made industry and market after 500 and 700 reeds carpets and could dedicate a lion`s share of the market to themselves. Since 1000 reeds carpets are more finespun and handwoven- like than 500 and 700 reeds carpets, they look more elegant and stunning.      

Along with the superior quality and outstanding beauty and delicacy of 1000 reeds carpets, they have a reasonable price which has led into their great popularity.

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The very first features popping up in any customer`s mind at the time of purchase are:

Reeds, density, and weight.



The reeds is actually the lateral density of the carpet. Simply put, the reeds are the number of knots in one meter width of the carpet. For instance, there are 700 knots in each meter of the 700 reeds carpet`s width.



The density of 1000 reeds carpets:

Density is the number of knots in each meter of the length of the carpet. For instance, if the density of a carpet is 3000, there would be 3000 knots in each meter of the carpet`s length.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the higher the reeds of a carpet, the more fine-spun and handwoven-like it would be, and the higher the density of a carpet, the denser the carpet.


The delicacy of 1000 reeds carpets:

One of the most significant features of 1000 reeds carpets, is their great exquisiteness once compared to 500 and 700 reeds carpets. The higher the reeds, the thinner the fibers and the denser the carpet. Thus, since 1000 reeds carpets look handwoven and delicate, people favor them over 700 reeds carpets for their luxurious reception halls.


The quality of 1000 reeds carpets:

One of the important factors which directly affects the quality of a carpet is the type of fiber used in the carpets weave. The best type of yarn is 100% heat-set acrylic. The carpet woven with this type of thread has the highest quality. Sometimes, a 1000 reeds carpet`s quality woven with a different fiber, is less than 320 reeds carpets woven with acrylic fibers. Hence, to evaluate a carpets quality, always make sure to find out about its fiber`s material.  Toos Mashhad 1000 reeds carpets are woven with the best type of fiber, 100% heat-set acrylic with the highest quality and weight.                  



 The beauty of 1000 reeds carpets:

Comparing to 700 reeds carpets, 1000 reeds carpets enjoy a stunning beauty due to their high reeds and density. Also, theses carpets would turn unique and extraordinary if their beauty accompanies by quality - the use of top quality heat-set 100% acrylic fibers.  

1000 reeds carpets` price

 Apparently, 1000 reeds carpets are more expensive than 700 and 500 reeds carpets and cheaper than 1200 and 1500 reeds carpets. As a matter of fact, the type of the yarn also effects on the price. As already mentioned, a 700 reeds carpet with top quality fibers is much better and more costly than a 1000 reeds carpet with inferior quality yarns.

It is worth mentioning that 1000 reeds carpets are woven in 8 and 10 colors which ten-colored carpets are more valuable than eight-colored ones.