1500 Reeds Rugs and Carpets, Definition and Specifications

1500 Reeds Rug, the latest product of the machine-made carpet industry

1500 reeds carpet is the most recent product of the machine made carpet industry.

This industry has been constantly developing since its emergence and updating along with the technological growth. It has first appeared by 320 reeds machine made carpets production and later added 500, 700, 1000, and 1200 reeds carpets to its collection respectively.

1500 reeds machine made carpets are more finespun and dense than other types of machine made carpets and greatly resemble handwoven ones. This type of carpet is extremely elegant and top quality and has nothing less than handmade carpets without any exaggerations.      


Technical characteristics of 1500 reeds machine-made rugs and carpets

what is a 1500 reeds carpet? what are its characteristics?

1500 reeds carpets are woven by ultra-advanced HCX 3 machines. The fiber used in these carpets, are among the most delicate and the thinnest yarns. Therefore the final carpet turns out super delicate and luxurious. Since 1500 reeds carpet`s pile yarns are cut and reduced during the sizing process, they become even thinner and more delicate ever.  

The numbers of knots in one meter of the width is called reeds and the number of knots in one meter of the length is called density. There are 1500 knots in one meter of 1500 reeds carpet`s width and 4500 knots in one meter of the length. 1500 reeds carpet has 4500 density. Given that by the increase of density, the weave and the texture compress into each other more and it would be kind of hard to perceive the pattern. Hence, thin and delicate fibers are used in 1500 reeds carpet`s weave to prevent the aforementioned issue.


What kinds of fibers are used in 1500 reeds rugs` weave?

Warp and weft yarn: Each company can use different material, in Toos Carpet, we use 100% cotton. 

Pile yarn: This is made of heat-set acrylic.

Roots yarn: The roots are sewed to both ends of the carpet`s length and are made of cotton.


What are the pros and cons of 1500 reeds rugs?

One of the advantages of 1500 carpets is their delicacy and beauty which have made them look like classy silk handwoven carpets. These carpets are quite suitable for fancy reception halls.

The Iranian aficionados of arts have welcomed 1500 reeds carpets warmly because they are quite handwoven like. Since different sizes of 1500 reeds carpets are available, they can fit any small or big places.  

Another advantage of 1500 reeds carpets is their packing. As these carpets are quite thin and delicate, some classy covers are used for their packaging. These covers make the carpets carriage easier to other countries.

The extreme delicacy and softness of 1500 reeds carpets which have been considered as a benefit, can also act as a disadvantage too. Considering the short pile yarns, these carpets are not suitable to be sit on.

In fact the beauty, the resemblance to the handmade carpets and the quality of 1500 reeds carpets outweighs their minor disadvantage. Hence 1500 reeds machine made carpets have received an enthusiastic reception by the public.


Stay tuned for the upcoming 1500 reeds machine made rugs.