Reasons for the growth of online carpet sales



Reasons for the growth of online carpet sales

Nowadays, internet is the best and easiest way to access the online world so that in recent time, internet is considered as an inseparable part of any Iranian house. There are just only a few people who have not done online shopping or heard about it.

Nowadays, anybody who tends to buy a product or a good, goes on the internet first and gains some useful information about it. In the majority of cases, those searches lead to an online purchase. The truth is that online purchase has many advantages over shopping in person and these merits have put online purchase before in-person shopping.

Soon enough the society will lead to a way that all of people can and tend to buy their daily purchases online with the least amount of trouble and expense.

Back then, it was far from impossible to lie in your house, check shops` shelves and add your good to your commodity bundle at the same time, but today it is something relatively accessible.


Why should we purchase our carpet online?

When a person decides to buy a carpet in person, they have to get out of the house at a specific time and travel ten or a hundred kilometers to get to the city, shop or a factory; bear some problems such as warmness, coldness, traffic, air pollution, and time and commuting expenditures.

Now imagine that regardless all the troubles, you get to the shop; for how long are you in the mood to see and compare all the patterns, carpets, reeds and densities?

Are you able to commit all the patterns to your memory?

Can you recall all the prices and compare them in the end?


Can you calculate the reeds and the densities based on what salesmen tell you? Or you are forced to trust whatever they say? Or in the end, you might choose a carpet due to fatigue and impatience and then regret your choice presently.



Things like water, electricity and gas bills` expenses and sellers` exclusive  pricing can add up to a carpet`s price.


Online machine made carpet purchase

One of the online carpet purchase features is that it does not have any limited timing. Customers can visit carpet websites 24/7 to see all the patterns of different colors. Visitors can check out many online websites at the same time and compare different products in terms of quality, fiber`s material, price and etc. Finally they can purchase their carpet with an ease of mind and receive it at the door within few days.     

It is obvious that this type of purchase would be really pleasant for customers because they can do their shopping at the least possible time and the lowest price in the best and the most precise way.




How to trust machine made carpet online shops

Machine made carpet online shops are some sites in which you can find different types of carpets with diversity of patterns and designs.  

But now a question is brought up:

How can we trust machine made carpet online shops?

Follow the following steps once you enter a website and make sure that it is a valid site, so that you can do your purchase with an ease of mind.

What points need to be taken into account at the time of online shopping?

Pay attention to some critically important points before purchasing a carpet from an online shop. The points are mentioned in the following: 

  1. Make sure to purchase from valid and liable online shops. These websites have a special electronic validity sign in Iran called "Enamad" which is granted to them by the ministry of industry and mining. This ministry investigates their credibility and documents to confirm them once they have applied for Enamd sign. If you click on the Enamad sign in a website, you will be redirected to a page where you can see the complete information about that website.  



  1. Make sure to read the about us part of a website to get full information about it. Call the mentioned phone contact to make sure that it is not fictitious. 
  2. Pay attention to the website`s certificates because they confirm its credibility.
  3. Pay attention to the official or non-official contracts on the website. 
  4. If you come across a website with jaw dropping prices and different coupons popping up, you had better not purchase from it because it is a fraudulent site.  

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