700reeds carpet, a suitable choice

700 reeds carpet, a popular member of Iranian houses

700 reeds carpet is incredibly popular and prominent among the Iranians and the people all around the world. This carpet is found in every Iranian house due to its specific features and has a dominant position among its customers once compared with its counterparts.

700 reeds carpet has numerous features and characteristics, some of which are mentioned in this article. 

700 reeds carpet`s features

1- 700 reeds carpet`s pile yarn

As indicated in previous articles, the difference in the reeds and density, differentiates machine made carpets from one another. The more the reeds and the density, the shorter the pile yarns. So it is obvious that 700 reeds carpet`s pile yarns are longer once compared with other carpets and are more durable consequently. As experts say, these features make 700 reeds carpets last longer than others. Hence this characteristic has made 700 reeds carpets quite popular. 


In some regions where people sit on the carpeted floors rather than sofas, 700 reeds carpets are preferred due to their high thickness.

700 reeds carpets are so soft underfoot due to their good thickness and instill a soft and delicate feeling while walking on them.




2- The quality of 700 reeds carpets

There are diverse features and characteristics to evaluate the 700 reeds carpet`s quality which all affect its quality directly. In the following, we will elaborate more on the features:

* The quality of the design

The pattern`s design is absolutely important and also critical to the customer`s satisfaction in terms of the type of the pattern and the coloring. Since Iranian patterns are typically inspired by Iranian designs, they are extremely appealing and charming regarding the design and the color.



* The quality of the raw materials

Generally, acrylic and cotton yarns form the 700 reeds carpet`s raw material. Acrylic is usually used in pile yarn and cotton in weft and warp yarns. Make sure that the pile yarn is acrylic at the time of shopping, otherwise call your purchase off because it is detrimental to your health.

* The quality of the product and the product line

700 reeds carpet is woven by HCPX weaving machine in eight, ten, and twelve colors. This machine makes the least amount of laceration at the time of weaving due to its specific features which leads to the best machine made carpet production. What`s more, compatibility to any type of yarns, producing the least amount of waste, and a handwoven like weave are amongst  other features of this machine. To recognize whether a carpet is woven with this type of machine or a converter one, you can refer to the carpet`s ID or label. 

* The quality of compatibility

Since 700 reeds carpets are woven in different patterns, colors, and sizes, they have a reasonable price. So they can suit any Iranian or non-Iranian house and anybody in every region with any tastes can purchase these carpets for their houses. 

3- Customer`s approval`s features

700 reeds carpets attract more customers once compared to 1000 and 1200 reeds carpets, due to their long pile yarn, delicacy, softness, elegance, and more importantly reasonable price. The purchasers usually go for these carpets and buy them. 

4- Health and safety

Our most important body organs, the skin and Respiratory System, are in direct contact with the carpet. Therefore, for a house with kids, the carpet should be absolutely lint and hazard free for the family members. Back then, machine made carpets had a lot of fluffs and since these lint and fluffs are artificial and chemical, they are really harmful. The world health organization investigates different factories including carpet factories to analyze the standards of their products. You can purchase your carpet with ease of mind from a factory which has the world health organization`s confirmation.

5- Based on the latest standards

There is a determined effort among modern and brand machine made carpet factories to use the latest changes in the industrial world along with the technological development. Because these kind of machines can get updated and benefit the manufacturers in the first place. Hence, a 700 reeds carpet which is manufactured by a brand factory is typically produced based on the latest technology and standards of production.

6- The price of 700 reeds carpets

The higher the reeds and the density, the more the price would be. Therefore, 700 reeds carpets have a lower price than the rest of  carpets. As price is the most important factor of a good`s purchase for the public, the bulk of the society tend to buy 700 reeds carpets.


The advantages of 700 reeds carpets

According to what was mentioned earlier, 700 reeds carpets have overtaken other machine made carpets place. Although all of the 700, 1000, and 1200 reeds carpets have the same material and type of yarns, 700 reeds carpets are much thicker and durable and quite suitable for living- and reception rooms and constant use. There is no need in paying a lot of money for an expensive carpet for a living room, yet you can pay less and purchase a carpet with a longer lifespan. Despite what has just been said, the best option is 700 reeds carpet. This is why 700 reeds carpets are so popular.

Toos Mashhad 700 reeds carpet has all of the aforementioned features and is woven with the best fibers, the most modern machines and of highest quality. Toos Mashhad carpet`s motto is "quality" and you pay for the quality exclusively. The dear customers that purchase their carpets from Toos Mashhad carpet company only pay for the quality.