When you are buying a carpet, be careful about warning!


The important points when buying machine made carpet

If you have decided to buy machine made carpet, I am going to introduce some important points in order that you buy the carpet with more awareness.

When buying the carpet, pay attention to important points in addition to carpet price and Factors Determining the Price of a Carpet. May be you ask: what points?

Understanding the Original Carpet Manufacturers from Fake one! Why now?

In the machine made carpet market, there are in some cases retailers who, to the buyers' ignorance, offer their customers a machine made carpet-like original carpet that is much less durable than the original carpet, so they offer them instead of the original product. And the important thing to note is that this is important when it comes to social networking and online business.

In the machine made carpet industry, there are manufacturers that keep up with the technology and know-how and keep up-to-date with the latest technology, but there are also manufacturers that work to mimic these manufacturers and produce similar products with low quality. In some cases, even naming the product is imitated.

Toos Mashhad Carpet Company also strives to be up-to-date with the latest technology in the field of machine made carpet and have benefited from experienced experts in this field.



Warning! Be careful

Beware of unrealistic and deceptive advertising in cyberspace! Although buying carpets through internet has some benefits including spending minimal time and cost, ease of purchase, visibility of various designs and more, but we need to be more cautious with cybersecurity advertising and keep in mind the authenticity of the products offered. This is especially true when advertising is done about selling carpets in websites and social networking sites, so we must first ensure the accuracy of the ads and be able to distinguish the original carpet from the counterfeit one.

Sometimes there are advertisements that offer machine made carpets as well-known brands with a 45-50% discount! But after a reviewing, it turns out that in fact the price that is offered for inequality carpets has been more than real value and sold as a similar product.

In conclusion, I recommend purchasing carpets with sufficient knowledge of genuine machine made carpet and knowing the carpet manufacturers to easily select the carpet needed for your home or decoration.