Don’t buy inequality and fake machine made carpet

Do we buy expensive machine made carpet or cheap one?

People have had a special desire to the carpet since old days. The carpet has always been one of essential goods in every house. The price of carpet, especially handmade carpet has been remarkable from past to now. At the moment, many people cannot afford to buy handmade carpet, so machine made carpet market is booming. We see beautiful and various designs in terms of machine made carpet. It would definitely be said that there are different and various designs and colors for every taste. This features makes the carpet attractiveness.

But some questions can be raised here:

When buying machine made carpet, is price your factor?

In where place is the quality of selected carpet?

Although we know that the price of quality machine made carpet is high, do we buy high quality machine made carpet again?

What are important points in buying machine made carpet?

In fact, what kinds of machine made carpets do we buy?



Don’t deceive about brand and famous of goods

It is better to collect complete information about carpet, especially machine made carpet when you are going to buy it. For this aim, you can study essays about machine made carpet. If you buy the carpet with having some information about it, it rarely happens to be bought fake carpet instead of original and high quality carpet.

Now days it has been created a good space for dealers because of market recession and the Fluctuation of price of the dollar. This issue appears in machine made carpet market and industry. This issue requires you that you make a choice with more accurate.

If you know the value of your money, you don’t spend it for purchase of inequality goods.


The methods of distinguishing original machine made carpet from fake machine made carpet

  1. Before buying the carpet, please obtain some information about reeds and density of machine made carpet in order to distinguish reeds and density of carpet when buying the carpets. So by obtaining such information you can understand the accuracy of seller's words. The behind of original machine made carpet looks like handmade carpet.
  2. Please read technical information about carpet in form of carpet certificate. In contains information about reeds, density, yarn material, brand name, company name, the number of used colors in the carpet…. If you see that the carpet information isn’t complete, you can doubt about the original of carpet.  
  3. You must aware that some sellers may sell carpets with plastic fibers or yarns to you instead of acrylic carpet. Plastic fibers in carpet cause allergy especially for kids and is harmful for health and it leads to cancer according to doctor's opinion. The carpets with acrylic fibers never have artificial smell, it has a little pile, It has a good resistance against natural elements like light, heat,. Therefore it has a good softness, so original and high quality carpet has more price than fake carpet.
  4. Carpets with plastic fibers should have less price than acrylic carpets. Unfortunately opportunists or profiteers try to sell fake carpet instead of original one to customers. These customers pay money for original carpet, although it is a fake carpet. Also these profiteers convince the customers to buy inequality carpet because of less price of these fake carpets.
  5. Never only trust to brand that dealers place behind the contact to brand owner in order to be assure about original products.


The advantages of machine made carpet purchase

In addition to the price of machine made carpet is less than handmade carpet, the variety is wide in the field of design and plans. So when buying machine made carpet by paying less cost, you can choose a beautiful carpet among different designs. As the price of machine made carpet is less, you don’t have to use it for a long times, so whenever you become tired or had other reasons, you can buy a new one.

The machine made carpets are produced in form of classic carpets, ( 1200 reeds, 1000 reeds, 700 reeds, 500 reeds carpets ,…) kid's room's carpet, modern and fantasy carpets ( Shanel and Shaggy), large big size carpet, prayer-rug, ceremony carpets,….

Many variety in design and color of machine made carpet give the opportunity to the buyer to buy the carpet in accordance to decoration of his house in any sizes.

Supply water from fountain

Always buy machine made carpet directly from factory. If you make a purchase by this method, you can omit dealers and profit-seekers from your way and you can be sure that you have paid the real cost with no intermediaries.


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