The application of integrated and large size carpet

What is an integrated and large size carpet and in where it is used?

Toos Mashhad Carpet Company is a pioneer in the field of producing machine made carpets and various types of special and ceremonial carpets. In the carpet industry, due to the diversity of design and plan in the market, machine-made carpets sometimes have a greater effect on the home, the workplace and the luxurious spaces. Large size carpets and integrated carpets, custom carpets and special ceremonial carpets are very special with regard to the design of the place.

Large size carpet

Large size carpet, in other word, large integrated carpet, is a machine made carpet that is designed and woven as custom-made carpets in desired dimensions. Toos Mashhad carpet has been working from the design and texture stages to the implementation and installation of this type of carpet.

The large size carpet is a carpet that is completely different from available carpets in the market in the field of dimensions, while the large size carpet is woven and fasten like puzzle according to the amount of space it wants to measure. Toos Mashhad large size Carpet can be used in holy places, luxurious and luxury hotels, palaces and luxury buildings, mosques, ministries and more.

There are no limitations in design, texture, the length and width of carpet, color, reeds and density, dimensions and measurement of these carpets.

 In fact, custom made carpets are woven by customer order according to size, design, color, reeds and density that they want.

Large size carpets are not necessarily look like the standard carpets in the market in to shape of square, rectangular, circular, and oval!

Integrated carpets can be woven and fasten to cover all polygon spaces.






Integrated carpets for holy places and mosques

Integrated carpets are carpets that are designed, woven and installed according to plan and the specific location. Toos Mashhad, based on the geometric dimensions and geometry frame of the site, calculate the area, and in the next step, the integrated carpet (Wall to wall) map based on the designs on the market, or on customer's request, or based on the role of the ceiling and the walls of that place is designed, then, after the next calculation and preparing the carpet map for the texture, it is sent to the salon, and then the woven parts are sent to the place and in that place, the pieces are connected in a puzzle and the carpet is installed as an integrated carpet.

An integrated carpet or a single piece, due to the fact that they do not need to be moved after installation in place, in case of any type of contamination and the need to rinse the carpet, a rinse aid device is used.


Large size carpets for luxury buildings and hotels

Among other activities of Toos Mashhad is to rug a lobby or special places like luxury buildings, which according to the order and depending on the condition and dimensions of the building and taste of the owners, these places can use from a custom or large size carpet or ceremonial carpet.

Large-size carpets and ceremonial carpets can even be designed for fairly large hall rooms. A carpet with a special design and like an integrated carpet can give a unique beauty to home decoration. In fact, a large-size machine made carpet can replace a few small carpets and have a huge impact on the beauty of the home.

With regard to the special welcome of large size, integrated and special rugs, the beautiful examples of different designs have been woven in Toos Mashhad carpet.

Generally carpets are woven for the hallways and lobbies of hotels, homes, mosques and religious sites, religious center ( Husaines), luxury buildings and Luxury, palaces and more.


                                The special large size carpet and ceremonial carpet


Custom Carpet Types

Among the custom products that Toos Mashhad Carpet Company produces is as following:

  • heat-setting acrylic carpet
  • large size carpet
  • carpet in the desired size
  • long Width carpet
  • Large size machine made carpet
  • large round rug
  • Integrated carpet
  • special custom carpet
  • Ceremonial carpet

The use of carpet is in particular dimensions in residential houses, halls, hotels, luxury buildings, mosques, and religious center and ministries.