high bulk carpet: a new technology in the machine made carpet industry

Introduction of high bulk carpet

The machine made carpet industry has experienced a variety of machine made carpets since the beginning  to now including: 500 reeds machine-made carpet, 700 reed machine made carpets, 1000 reeds machine made carpets, 1200 reeds machine made carpets, 1500 reeds machine made carpets and the latest technology in this field is high bulk carpet.



High bulk  carpet is produced in two kinds: 1000 reeds and 1200 reeds.

In the texture of this carpet, in addition to acrylic fibers, it is also used heat set high bulk fibers. In the texture of high bulk carpet is usually used from 2 or 3 high bulk yarns that this yarn causes dent and indent in the carpet. When high bulk carpet is separated from the machine, its surface is smooth like the rest of the carpet.

In the next step, when the carpet is starched, due to the heat, some parts of the carpet, which in is used high bulk yarn , because of heat, they find indents, so that in the indent area, the thickness of the carpet is 4 to 6 mm and in the rest areas of the carpet, the thickness of the carpet is 7 to 9 mm.

The most important feature of High bulk carpet that makes it very distinctive is the elegance and beauty of this carpet. The most up-to-date technology in the world is seen in the machine-made carpet industry.




The World famous of high bulk carpet

In other countries, carpet thickness does not matter, and the beauty and elegance of the carpet are in the priority. Therefore, the export market of high bulk carpets is bull and has a famous worldwide.

In Iran, due to the careful selection and more attention to home decoration and with regarding to the special beauty of high bulk carpet, these carpets are very popular, and people like to buy this carpet very much.

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