Customer-oriented as one of the most important principles in Toos Mashhad carpet

What is the customer-oriented?

One of the key successes in corporate and large organizations is to adhere to customer orientation principles and pay special attention to customers. An organization for its success should place customer satisfaction at the priority.

But what is customer-oriented and how does it define?

Customer-oriented is a kind of organizational culture that is created for valuation and gives the value to customers in the organization. The organization tries to respond to the customer's demands and expectations in an efficient and complete way, which ultimately will bring customers satisfaction and loyalty. A successful organization must accurately identify and meet customer needs and expectations.

Toos Mashhad company in order to realize the most important principle of customer- orientation has analyzed the expectations and the needs of the customers and identified the following as the most important needs and requirements of customers and tried to meet these needs in the best way.

Honoring to customer

The first customer's expectations and needs is respect.  We all like to be respected and this demand and need become more pronounced when we place ourselves in the position of the customer. Toos Mashhad carpet company teaches its employees that they respect to the customer and even they should respect more than the customer's expectations to the customer in order that the customer feels very pleasing along with his shopping.

The quality of products and services

Quality is the most important principle for every customer. The customer may be able to tolerate a bad manner or high price or other negative points, but it certainly cannot tolerate the poor quality.

Toos Mashhad Carpet Company by considering this important matter, the principle of quality has placed at the top priority and the company provides and produces the products with the highest quality.

In order to prove this claim, you can read the paper: "why the motto of "Toos carpet "is a symbol of quality?"

To meet customer needs in all areas

Each customer, when visiting a company or organization, expects to receive all the goods and items they need and, by comparing the various products, can make an accurate selection and purchase.

Toos Mashhad Carpet Company has created all kinds of customer needs in this field by creating a huge variety in its products, and each customer can make a favorite purchase by visiting the showroom or online store.

The beauty of the staff and the work environment

The first thing that a customer encounters when arriving is the beauty and adornment of shopping and staffing.

The more beautiful the environment of company is, the more peace the customer have. This good feeling can be enjoyed by our dear customers in Toos Mashhad exhibition and online store. Toos Mashhad Carpet Company is trying to improve the environment of exhibitions and the quality of its online store, so that the customer can safely make purchases and enjoy from the physical presence in exhibitions and virtual presence in the online store.

Speed and accuracy in providing services

One of the key concerns and expectations of customers is that they can get the product that they are buying as soon as possible. The delay of company or organization in this field causes the dissatisfaction of customers. Toos Mashhad carpet in order to satisfy customers with taking this into account, will do its utmost to realize this important matter in the shortest possible time and at the least cost.

Customer surveys

Toos Mashhad carpet emphasize the customers' opinions, so that they can understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve their conditions and customers. In each case, the company respects the customer's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their comments and politely and kindly responds to criticism.
















                            The motto of Toos Mashhad Carpet Company is: a manufacturer of quality machine-    made carpets:


Customer satisfaction is our duty.