what you should know about unique quality of Toos Mashhad carpet products

Why the slogan of Toos carpet is the quality symbol?

At the beginning, it is better to know practical and useful information about carpet, especially machine made carpet!!    

The machine made carpet consists of three types of yarn:

The warp yarn is named as the main pillar of the carpet.

The weft yarn that is located across the carpet and the pile yarn that is placed on it according to design and plan.

The pile yarn is a thread that is visible and touchable under the feet of consumers.

The reason for the price difference of Toos Mashhad products with products of other companies"

After the machine made carpet is woven and completed through over locking and zigzag, warp and weft yarns of carpet is invisible and unidentifiable, then the manufacturer uses from any kind of materials, both excellent and non-quality, so he will not see consumables in normal appearance.

This company based on the value of the consumer, with the motto in this collection that any machine made carpet produced, as if it is woven for its members for their own use, they use the best materials available on the market, in order that the purchased machine made carpet satisfies the customer and lasts for several years under the feet of the consumer, and each time after washing, the carpet is nicer and livelier than before.

The company uses from the finest yarns of polyester and cotton as warp yarn and for carpets with higher density uses from 100% polyester, which after washing machine made carpet, the weave is not created on the carpet and be flat and uniform on the floor of the hall or room.

The company's weft yarn is one of the best-quality 100% pure cotton fibers that provides flexibility to the carpet and prevents the carpet from breaking, and the carpet does not find weave after washing.

Its pile yarn is from a 100% Acrylic that is heat set from Bayer in Germany. It has the highest stiffness in the yarn market, and it is durable under the feet which is not damaged after several years, and the yarn is still changeless.

For example, a part of the machine made carpet that is under the sofa for a long time, after the sofa is removed, the dent part returns to its original state after several hours.

The height of the machine made carpet is higher than standard, in such a way that the weight of a 12-meter carpet is 46 kilograms, which is not comparable to the weights of the market weighing which is equal to 42 or 43 kilograms.

In terms of ultimate control, the carpets are tightly controlled individually, and if you observe the slightest defect, the carpet will be labeled as a grade-carpet and the non-defect and healthy carpets will be packaged as first-class carpets and delivered to customers. We hope we can achieve the satisfaction of our dear customers by the efforts of each staff member.

The point that, if followed, will increase the life of machine made carpet and will reduce its fluff:

With regard to suction of the vacuum cleaner in the home, it's best to vacuum the carpets only in the direction of pile yarn of carpet, i.e. when a part of carpet is cleaned, you must separates the vacuum cleaner from the surface of the carpet and the next part of carpet can be cleaned so that the fluff are not pulled out of the surface and inside the yarn and the fluff of carpet is decreased.

To get the useful information on buying, caring, cleaning and longevity of the carpet, you can refer to the news page and articles in Toos Mashhad site.