Anchor(Langar )Kid's room carpet code 3430-1

What kind of a cartoon carpet is chosen for Sysmoni? Toos Mashhad carpet is the supplier of the most quality machine carpets of the child's room, and girls 'and boys' carpets. Anchor puppet...

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What kind of a cartoon carpet is chosen for Sysmoni?

Toos Mashhad carpet is the supplier of the most quality machine carpets of the child's room, and girls 'and boys' carpets.

Anchor puppet carpet, 3430-1 Is one of the most beautiful cartoon carpets in Toos Mashhad. You can use this carpet for your sweetheart's baby room, as well as a Sysmoni carpet for the baby's room and or as educational carpet in a kindergarten.

Kid's room carpets manufactured in Toos Mashhad are designed and woven using the world's standards and appropriate for your child's age. This collection always cares about the health of your beloved baby's body and produces many kinds of puppet carpets from the best design, color and material in appropriate with your child's spirits .

Toos Mashhad Kid's room carpets are anti-allergic and lint- free, and are also very soft and delicate that your child can play for hours on it. They are designed in such a way that they are suitable for all kinds of child decoration. Do not worry if it gets dirty very sooner or places stains. It has the ability to rinse and has a very high quality.

Given the parental concerns for choosing baby's room's puppet carpet when shopping, we'll explain a few questions about carpet purchases to give you a better choice.


A question that is always posed is what kinds of carpet do we buy for the child’s room?


Apart from the design that is perfectly tasty, but technical issues should be considered when buying a carpet:

Because you choose the carpet for the child, depending on his/ her age you should buy a good carpet. But please follow the questions that always ask:



should child's carpet be without lint?
Kid's room carpets in Toos Mashhad without lint?
In answer to these questions, we should mention that they are important matters. Due to the sensitivity of the child's respiratory system, polyester fibers, polypropylene fibers (PPP), filaments are used in
Kid's carpets that do not havepile and these specifications are printed on the label of the carpet. The structure of the filament yarn is that it is usually woven from continuous yarns in the carpet.the end of the entire fiber is involved in the texture,so it is why the carpet woven with filament yarn, doesnt have pile. Other threads, if used in puppet carpets, can be broken up due to splinting due to the jointing of discontinuous yarns of length from 3 to 18 cm. Sometimes short, thin lints can be released in the air and sometimes by breathing and enter the baby's lungs and cause long-term allergies and sensitivity. Using acrylic yarns in carpet weaving is very wrong because the materials used in this type of fiber are harmful to children.



When shopping for a child's carpet, spend a little obsessive on this matter and make sure to test the carpet and make sure the carpet is not fluffy for your beloved baby's room. Specialists in Toos Mashhad carpet collections are working hard to make a lot of qualitative tests on their fibers and carpets and use the fibers that will have the least harm to the health of the children of our beloved country.

For more information on different aspects of carpet and more about carpet, you can go to the news page and articles and get a very useful knowledge. You can also go to the Decoration Test page to match the carpet with decoration.


From the convenience that online store of Toos Mashhad has offered for you dear buyer is shipping of carpets by international post.

Toos Mashhad Carpet is a leading provider of quality carpet production in Iran's machine carpet market. The company is trying to provide its products online and internet to its customers, and to facilitate the purchase process, shipping from the factory to the home door of the people is done without any intermediary and shipping and delivery of carpets is done by international post. Our goal is customer satisfaction. The sale of all products from Toos Mashhad carpet through the website and Toos Mashhad online shop is done for comfort and shopping without troubling for compatriots and this collection is trying to provide a memorable purchase for you.

 Easy purchase

The goal of Toos Mashhad Online Store is to provide services to customer. To make it easy to buy, the company has provided facilities for you to buy the products by Internet connection, including direct and uninterrupted purchases and online payments from the company. 

 Original carpet

There is a standard label on the back of the carpet that includes the name of the manufacturer, the company logo, the name of the design, the design code and the technical specifications of the puppet-rug, such as the fiber used in the carpet, the longitudinal and transverse density, the number of colors, the standard mark and. .. used. We will do all this to make it possible for us to make branding and deliver quality first-class carpets so that our dear customer can easily enjoy the shopping experience of Toos Mashhad Carpet Shop.


Dear buyers, by purchasing through the Internet or in person from the toos Mashhad, can make a safe purchase and in fact do some kind of investment. The strategy of Toos Mashhad carpet company is a customer-oriented, and because of the high quality of its products and the carving of qualitative characteristics behind the machine carpet, it assures its customers that the product that they are buying is for a long time without any changes in their home, and continues to It maintains its beauty, durability and gentleness, and delights the members of the home and guests.

from the signs of the high quality and reliability of the product in the carpet of Toos Mashhad are the presence of important features behind the edge of the carpet that is woven by the machine. This feature provides the possibility of branding or offering high quality first-class carpets.


  • reeds: 320
  • Density:1300
  • The number of color: 8
  • The type of yarn: Polypropylene
  • The type of warp yarn: polyester and cotton
  • The type of weft yarn: Kenaf
  • Quality: first-class
  • The height of pile yarn: 10 ±1
  • Washable: yes
  • Lint-free
  • Anti allergy